Phlinx To Go

Phlinx To Go

Phinx To Go is a gem matching game with a great story to discover
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If you are a puzzle game fan you must play Phlinx To Go. The main objective of the game is to make gems fall from the structure above you; you will be controlling an Egyptian shooting device in order to aim to gems and create matches of at least three similar ones, but be sure to create this matches on the gems that are above other sections of gems, this way when you destroy them the ones that were beneath will fall down and give you points in order to clear each level.
After you have shoot two times, the whole structure will advance by creating a complete new line of gems at the top of the screen, so hurry up to destroy and free as much blocks of gems as you can.
Among the gems you will find special bonuses, like random shoot, advance structure backwards, three shots, two shots, drop gems, etc...
Each stage is also separated in two parts, when you get an initial amount of points, an Egyptian figure will appear on the screen right between the gems, so in the next part of the stage the objective will be to free that figure.
After ending several levels, a part of an Ancient Egyptian story that holds the Phlinx Secret will be shown to you. Discover the whole story of Phlinx.

Augusto Rivera
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